Prepare for your Program

There are a few things you need to do at MIT to get ready for your adventure.

Worksheets for Study Abroad

Complete a worksheet for study abroad. This way MIT can approve your travel.

Return your worksheet to Global Education, E17-294, by April 15th for summer, fall, or full year programs or by November 15th for IAP or spring programs. 

What Worksheet Do You Need?

If you are studying abroad during the fall and/or spring term, please complete the worksheet for study abroad.

If you are studying abroad during IAP or the summer, and are not seeking transfer credit, select the non-credit worksheet for study abroad.

Find out more about the Transfer Credit Process.

Emergency Contact Information in MIT Horizons

Enter your travel and emergency contact information into MIT Horizons. If you do not know your overseas emergency contact information before you leave, you can enter this information after you arrive.

Working across Cultures with GlobeSmart

GlobeSmart is an MIT-licensed online resource providing access to detailed information on how to work effectively across cultures. The portal contains information on how to conduct business in over 95 countries and tools to help enhance your cultural awareness and improve communication.

Final Steps

Use the Study Abroad Checklist to make sure you are ready to go!

Attend the required Pre-Departure Orientation to make sure you are prepared and to connect with other traveling students.

Before you go abroad, make sure to learn about: