Imperial College Exchanges

MIT has two exchange programs with Imperial College London, with different departments participating:

Imperial Summer Research Exchange
Imperial Semester/Year Academic Exchange

About Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a science-based university with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Imperial is the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on science, engineering, medicine, and business. Consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial is committed to developing the next generation of researchers, scientists and academics through collaboration across disciplines.

Located in the heart of London, Imperial is a multidisciplinary space for education, research, commercialization, and harnessing science and innovation to tackle global challenges.

"Imperial College London is one of the great research institutions of the world. It has an excellent undergraduate program." - MIT Profs. Haynes Miller & John Bush, Course 18

Summer Research Exchange

Do research at Imperial College London during the summer. The summer research exchange program lasts for 7 weeks in the summer, usually from late June/early July to mid-August. The exact dates depend on Imperial College London’s academic calendar. Each department nominates 2 students to participate.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is set by the departments; however, the departments must nominate two students to Global Education by February 15th.

Participating Courses and Department Contacts

1 Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Ruben Juanes, Kiley Clapper, Sarah Smith

3 Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. JJ Hu, Angelita Mireles

5 Chemistry

Prof. Timothy F Jamison; Jennifer Weisman

6 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Katrina LaCurts, Anne Hunter

8 Physics

Prof. Nergis Mavalvala, Catherine Modica

10 Chemical Engineering

Prof. Barry Johnston

16 Aeronautics and Astronautics

Prof. Steven Barrett

20 Biological Engineering

Prof. Doug Lauffenburger, Cathy Greene

22 Nuclear Science and Engineering

Prof. Mike Short, Brandy Baker

Cost and Funding

MIT students receive funding from both UROP and Global Education. During the summer of 2019, MIT students received $12/hr for up to 40 hours per week, however, this can change year to year. Students receive up to $800 reimbursement for airfare, and housing on Imperials campus is covered by Global Education. 


MIT students live in a dorm on Imperial campus. Most recently they've stayed in Woodward Hall.

Semester/Year Academic Exchange

Immerse yourself in the Imperial’s community of problem-solvers. Study at Imperial College London for the Spring semester of your junior year or your entire junior year.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 15, 2020 for 2020-2021 (academic year 20-21, fall 2020, and spring 2021). Apply at MIT Horizons.

Participating Courses and Department Contacts

Email to express your interest and/or ask questions. Contact your participating department's liaison for questions on transfer credit.



Exchange semester(s)

2 Mechanical Engineering

Gareth McKinley

Full year

3 Materials Science and Engineering


Spring semester

5 Chemistry

Troy Van Voorhis or Jennifer Weisman

Full year or Spring semester

6 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Chris Terman or Anne Hunter

Spring semester

10 Chemical Engineering

Barry Johnston

Spring semester

12 Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

John Marshall or Megan Jordan

Full year or Spring semester

16 Aeronautics and Astronautics

Steven Barrett or Anna Coffey

Full year or Spring semester

18 Mathematics

John Bush, Haynes Miller, or Theresa Cummings

Full year or Spring semester

22 Nuclear Science and Engineering

Mike Short

Spring semester

Program Details

Imperial has 3 terms: Autumn, Spring, and Summer. The spring semester exchange includes both Imperial's Spring term, which runs from January to mid-March, and Imperial's Summer term, which runs from April to mid-June.

During Imperial's Spring term, exchange participants take 4 courses that provide MIT Pass/Fail credit. Summer term is mostly for studying for final examinations, which are how academic performance is assessed. Full year participants take an additional 4 courses during Imperial's Autumn term, which begins in late September or early October and ends in mid-December.

Cost and Funding

You'll continue to pay MIT tuition while on the Imperial Exchange. Because it is an exchange, there are no Imperial College tuition fees. You will be placed in Imperial's accommodations and pay for housing directly to Imperial College.

MIT financial aid is portable for this program. Admitted students who receive financial aid should make an appointment with the financial aid representative to whom they are assigned to discuss the particulars.


Imperial will place you in Imperial housing just steps away from Imperial's campus.


Students who study in the UK for six months or less need a Short-term study visa; however, US citizens do not need to submit an application in advance.  The short-term study visa is granted at the port of entry (UK airport) by a UK immigration officer upon review of an admission letter and financial solvency documents.

Students who study in the UK for longer than six months need to apply for a Tier 4 study visa before departure to the UK (process can take 2-3 months).

Non-US citizens should consult with the MIT International Student Office about reentry to the US after study abroad.