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MIT offers courses over IAP that are taught by MIT faculty and lecturers. We manage program logistics, including financial support.

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Courses offered IAP 2020:

Literary London (21L.591)
London, UK 

This class will explore the locations, history and artistic institutions that have made London a world cultural hub. Through guided readings, theater performances, walking tours and visits to sites associated with major authors, students will experience the vibrancy of London’s past and present. This 9-unit subject will count for HASS-E credit and the Literature minor or major. You can apply & receive credit for this section even if you've completed 21L.590 in Madrid. Limited to 15 students.   

Race, Modernity and Migration in the Americas  
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Students in this course will study the relationship between Brazil and the United States to understand how authors have represented cultural encounters and exchanges in the Americas. Through readings that include works by canonical U.S. and Brazilian authors - as well as Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and even Shakespeare - students will situate "America" within a broader lattice of cultural identities and imaginaries across the Americas. Students' encounter with poems, fiction, and films will increase their enjoyment and understanding of the US/Brazil relationship and will also support what they might learn in Literature, GSL, WGS, CMS/W, and History classes at MIT. This 9-unit subject will count for HASS-E credit and the Literature minor or major. You can apply & receive credit for this section even if you've completed 21L.590 in Madrid or 21L.591 in London.  

The Spanish Incubator (21L.590)
Madrid, Spain

Films, readings, field trips to museums, a Flamenco show, and visits to Spanish cultural sites will enable students to understand the full context in which today’s vibrant Spanish democracy and internationally acclaimed artistic production emerged. This 9-unit subject will count for HASS-E credit and the Literature concentration, minor or major. Taught in English. Students may apply & receive credit for this section even if they have completed 21L.590 in London

Spanish III in Spain (21G.793)
Madrid, Spain

Mastery of oral expression, reading, writing, and listening while experiencing life and culture in Madrid. You'll use language strategically to accomplish objectives and to resolve conflicts, in culturally accurate circumstances with appropriate vocabulary. This 12-unit course is completely in Spanish and will count for HASS-H credit and the Spanish concentration, minor or major. Limited to 18 students. 

Advanced Spanish Communication in Spain (21G.795)
Madrid, Spain

Improve fluency and oral proficiency through the study of Spanish culture, history and society in an immersive environment. Assignments and in-class activities include discussions, debates, and oral reports based on interviews with Spaniards. Guided cultural activities provide topics for oral and written presentations. This 12-unit course is taught completely in Spanish, and will count for HASS-H credit and the Spanish concentration, minor, and major. Spanish language requirement: Spanish IV or equivalent. Limited to 18 students. 

IAP-Shenzhen: Experience China!
Shenzhen, China

Strengthen your language proficiency in Mandarin with this 6-unit class taught by MIT instructors on-site at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China. Advance your cultural understanding of China and its people through social engagement with native speakers and site visits to local universities, companies, communities, Buddhist temples, and other cultural sites. Develop an awareness of the current state of STEM education, technological innovation, business practices, and maker culture in China today. Prerequisite: 21G.102 Chinese II Regular, or 21G.107 Chinese I StreamlinedLimited to 12 students.

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  • Spend IAP in Madrid, London, Sao Paulo or Shenzhen
  • Receive course credit for a course taught by MIT faculty or lecturer
  • Explore the city and  surrounding areas with walking tours and day-trips

Application Process and Deadline

Complete the program application in Terra Dotta by searching the particular program.

Sun, October 6: Advanced Spanish Communications; Spanish III; IAP Shenzhen

Wed, October 9: The Spanish Incubator; Race, Modernity and Migration in the Americas; Literary London


The program fees vary each year based on the program location, exchange rate, and housing costs. Airfare is not included in the program fees. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid does not currently cover IAP programs. However, you can apply for scholarships through the Global Education Office. Please note that applying for a scholarship does not impact your chances of being admitted to an IAP Program Abroad. Program applications are evaluated on their merits (essay, applicant's goals for the program, academic/language preparation if applicable), and scholarship applications are reviewed after admissions decisions are finalized.