Global Photo Contests

Sloan students encounter penguins in South Africa
Sloan students encounter penguins in South Africa

How did you #GoGlobal this year? Show us with your pictures! We're asking MIT students to submit photos to us that capture your international MIT experience. We want to see how the MIT community engaged in learning, research, service and work around the globe this year. There will be eight prizes awarded. Winners will be announced in early May. The deadline to submit is Sunday, April 22nd. Winners will be announced at the end of April.


Submissions are open April 2nd to April 22nd


The photo contest will be open to MIT students who participated in an international experience in the past year (during one or more of the following terms: Spring 2018, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, IAP 2019, or this Spring of 2019).

Participants from both MIT-sponsored programs and non-MIT sponsored programs are welcome. Students who participated in academic study abroad, international internships, international research, and service projects are able to participate.


  • Up to 3 photos can be submitted
  • All photos should have been taken by you or have you in it
  • Please name your file with your name, location and the term.
    • ex. timbeaver-istanbul-iap2019


Lake on a mountain in the German Alps
Lake on a mountain in the German Alps

  1. Culture, Customs and Traditions: Fairs, ceremonies, holiday celebrations, local festivals, and other cultural activities. Show us a little about the unique culture, customs, or traditions you experienced in your host destination!
  2. My MIT Abroad: How did you explore your major abroad? What does academic life look like as an MIT student abroad? How do you show your MIT spirit?
  3. Check Out This View!: Pictures taken in real life that could be mistaken for postcards! Show us some of the awe-inspiring and breathtaking destinations you encountered during your global experience.
  4. Getting By with a Little Help from My Friends: People bring life to our experiences and are a big part of the memories we make! Show us the people you met and friends you made along the way.


Entries will be evaluated based on adherence to the theme and creativity. There will be two winners per category. The first place winner in each category will receive a $150 Amazon gift card. The second place winner in each category will receive a $75 Amazon gift card.


We like to show off the pictures we get on our TumblrInstagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes, we might even want to use them for a poster or brochure. You'll be asked to sign a waiver letting us know the photo is definitely yours and that you don't mind us sharing it.


Entries to the current photo contest are now closed. If you have questions email